What is City Impact?

City Impact is a program where the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) brings the global resources of the GBA Working Groups directly to support local city governments.  We know that solutions are developed globally.  However, they are implemented locally.  The City Impact Team acts as a Project Management Office (PMO) to connect global blockchain resources with local government offices.

What Type of Solutions?

The City Impact PMO Team can arrange for solutions and experts from any GBA Working Group.  The team forms a bridge between GBA Working Groups and local government officials.  Examples include connecting:

  • Budget, Appropriations & Tracking
  • Contract & grant management solutions to local government offices
  • Cybersecurity solutions to local IT teams
  • Healthcare solutions to local hospitals, research and treatment centers
  • Land titling solutions to local property administration offices
  • License & permitting solutions to local government offices
  • Mining & cryptocurrency solutions to stimulate economic growth
  • Voting solutions to local election officials

What About Events & Promotions

City Impact also manages promotional events including:


Crypto-Nite is a celebration and promotional event to encourage local businesses and governments to adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  Guests learn, socialize, have fun and connect with people and organizations that can help with the adoption of innovative and improved technologies and business practices.  This is an educational and networking party experience.


To set up a GBA City Impact event or PMO in your city, please complete the form below.  We will have our City Impact Coordinator in touch with you soon.


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