Program Mission

To use blockchain & related technologies to advance economic conditions.

Program Philosophy

Some economically disadvantaged areas lack the infrastructure to capitalize on innovative technologies.  However, some technologies like the cell phone cause a leapfrog effect because the new technology operates in a unique context.  Blockchain is likely to be a leapfrog technology.  This technology may facilitate the leapfrogging of economically depressed communities into economically thriving ecosystems.  If blockchain solution providers partner with local businesses and communities, a symbiotic relationship can be established that not only provides economic incentives for the external solution provider, but also improves the economic conditions of the community.

How it Works: 

This program uses a 3-stage lifecycle to achieve program objectives.  They are:

(1)    Blockchain Capability Awareness

(2)    Blockchain Capability Development

(3)    Blockchain Solutions Development

The details of each stage are described in the following sub-paragraphs.

Program Execution Details

(1)  Blockchain Capability Awareness

     (A)  Initial Blockchain Conference

A GBA Qualified Program Manager is appointed and begins preparing for an initial blockchain conference.  GBA professional and corporate members are contacted to determine their willingness and availability to speak at the initial event.  Notices are sent to GBA Members who are members of the local chapter on the GBA website.  The priority for selection is: (1st) GBA local chapter members on website, (2nd) other GBA members and (3rd) Non-GBA Members.

The conference is promoted to government and private sector leaders to help them understand the potential benefits, risks, and issues associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.  The purpose of the conference is to establish a basic understanding and to develop an initial core team of people dedicated to the program goals.

     (B)  Blockchain Foundations Course

Individuals who wish to participate in the program are highly encouraged to attend a GBA certified Blockchain Foundations course before attending the Blockchain Innovation Day.  This course describes the basics about how blockchain works and how it can be used.  It also dispels popular myths as well as providing a balanced perspective regarding the potential and hype surrounding blockchain technology.

     (C)  Blockchain Innovation Day

This event is a two-part event.  The first part consists of presentations and the second part consists of workshops. In these workshops, public and private sector leaders discuss the most pressing challenges, and develop a high-level strategy to use blockchain to address the challenges.  The output of this event is a strategic plan to implement blockchain solutions.  This event is divided into several tracks.  They are:

  • Election Integrity – This track focuses on how blockchain solutions can improve the trust and confidence if election systems, processes and results.
  • Financial Integrity – This track focuses on how the handling of public funds can be managed in a way that enhances the public confidence that money is being managed in accordance with the rule of law.
  • Healthcare Data Integrity – This track focuses on the collection, privacy, dissemination, and use of public health data, medical records, research data and data used for organ donations and blood transfusions.
  • Public Sector Data Integrity – This track focuses on how polling data, census data, news, and other public sector media can be communicated authentically and how trust in public institutions can be improved.
  • Natural Resource Integrity – The management of natural resources is vital to the economic growth of any ecosystem. This track focuses on how blockchain technology can be used to improve the management of natural resources.
  • Supply Chain Integrity – This track focuses on how blockchain technologies can be used to improve the efficiency and safety of critical supply chains including food, and drugs. It also examines how the blockchain can be used to certify that products are “Fair Trade”.

(2)  Blockchain Capability Development

     (A)  Establish Local GBA Training Providers

Local companies that desire to provide GBA licensed training must satisfy the application and criteria describes on the…..  Once approved, they will have access to GBA approved content.  They may also request technical training delivery by GBA approved trainers. There are two objectives for this activity.  The first objective is to establish relationships between local training companies and global technical training resources. The second objective is to develop local blockchain development capabilities.

     (B)  Blockchain Training Centers

The local training providers establish training centers.  Public money is sought in the form of grants to pay for the training infrastructure needed.

(3)  Blockchain Solution Development

     (A)  Establish Mentor – Protégé Partnerships

Local companies are paired with GBA member companies that provide advisory services and partner with the local company to provide jointly developed products and services.  There are two objectives of this activity.  They are:

  • Establish a win-win business relationship so that GBA member companies expand their market share into the local area and,
  • Facilitate the knowledge transfer to the local companies so that they can expand their market share to customers globally and bring additional revenue into their local communities.

     (B)  Establish Blockchain Solution Centers

Private sector investors are sought to fund the development of blockchain solution centers.  The purpose of these solution centers is to develop solutions that can be promoted by GBA Working Groups and Chapters around the globe.  The goal of this activity is for investors, and the local communities, to thrive economically, and establish a sustainable business model.

Application Process and Criteria

Any government entity who is a GBA member may apply for this program.  The local government organization pays a GBA member company a management fee to administer the program.  They will assign a Program Manager who provides a program plan along with monthly status reporting to the local government officials.  GBA also charges an administrative fee to set up and coordinate the program.  Specific charges are proposed on a case-by-case basis.

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