Public-Private Partnership

The GBA PPP is a consortium of public and private entities that pool the resource and results of a group of companies and government offices to research, develop and deliver blockchain solutions.  The PPP focuses on use cases common to government functions.  For example, all governments must perform the following functions:

Government Level Membership

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) supports local, state/provincial, national and international governments by establishing government level membership programs.

City Impact

City Impact is a program where the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) brings the global resources of the GBA Working Groups directly to support local city governments.  We know that solutions are developed globally.  However, they are implemented locally.  The City Impact Team acts as a Project Management Office (PMO) to connect global blockchain resources with local government offices.

Economic Development Program (EDP)

Some economically disadvantaged areas lack the infrastructure to capitalize on innovative technologies.  However, some technologies like the cell phone cause a leapfrog effect because the new technology operates in a unique context.  Blockchain is likely to be a leapfrog technology.  This technology may facilitate the leapfrogging of economically depressed communities into economically thriving ecosystems.  If blockchain solution providers partner with local businesses and communities, a symbiotic relationship can be established that not only provides economic incentives for the external solution provider, but also improves the economic conditions of the community.